About Michael Naughton, P.A.

The law office of Michael Naughton, P.A. will help you personally with a variety of legal matters. Proudly serving local residents of Jacksonville, FL, Michael Naughton is a long time resident of Mandarin and he will personally help protect your rights during a number of legal proceedings. 

We work on cases involving family law, divorce, estate law, bankruptcy, personal injury and other legal matters. Whether you need help on your personal injury case or you think that filing for bankruptcy is your only option, please get in touch with our staff today so we can consult with you and create a plan. 

About Attorney Michael Naughton

Michael Naughton makes it a priority to stay involved in the local legal community and other organizations. He was the very first Premier Chairman of the Duval County Ethics Board. Michael Naughton is also a member in good standing of the Florida Bar
I'm so blessed and very thankful to have Michael Naughton taking care of the situation that I'm in...I know he's one of the best out there, which has helped me to stay stress free! I just want to thank you once again Michael Naughton for being my hero!... :-) – Travis L. Thompson, Facebook

Mr. Naughton is the reason why I have so much time with my daughter. I was only allowed to see her every other weekend and her mother wasn't being cooperative. Now I get her 45% of the time. I am glad to have been referred to someone who actually cares. – Justin Sikes, Facebook
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