Child Support

Child Support

Child Support Attorney

All cases that involve children should be handled with extra care and attention. Our child support attorney knows how much is riding on your case, so our team will work around the clock to form a sound case and protect your (and your child’s) rights. A child support lawyer should ensure that the children of people involved in custody negotiations are treated equitably and that their best interests are represented. 

Typically, these types of cases involve working with court systems or child advocacy groups to collect child support money. Child support cases may also involve negotiating non-monetary terms of the custody arrangements, such as visitation rights and terms.

The law office of Michael Naughton, P.A. has worked on many child support and custody cases in the past, and we have a history of success. Never give up on fighting for your rights as a parent or guardian; our family law attorney can work towards a favorable outcome for your case.

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